This company was born from my desire to have the best quality, all natural products, to use on my horse, and my tack. I started to do research, and began making my own products to suit my needs, in 2011. Initially, it all started with a combination leather cleaner & conditioner, to cut down on my tack cleaning steps. I then decided to try making a leather balm, because I disliked the greasy, sticky feeling, of most that I had tried. I began to find that I liked my own creations, and that they performed better, than what was available on the market.  

I next turned my hand to creating a gentle, natural healing balm, that could be used for a variety of purposes. I also found that fungus, especially in the spring time, was a big problem. I started experimenting with different ingredients, and formulas, until I had a few items that I used regularly. The fungus products took the longest time to develop, and have the most ingredients in them, of any of my items.

Soon I noticed that other people were asking what I was using, and wanting to try things I had made. This led to others requesting the I make things for them, and offering to pay me for my time and materials. One day, it hit me, that this was something I loved, and I had created all on my own, and I should start a business.

It has been over two years in the making, from that initial "a-ha" moment, and I have loved every minute of it. I never started out, with the intention of making leather products. My goal was to create a line of unique equine care products, that were not already common, or on the market. I had so many requests for the leather care though, that it  has become the core of my line, to this point. 

My vision was to model the look, packaging, and aesthetic, after natural skin care or cosmetic lines, that are marketed for human consumption. This design theme influenced the packaging, labeling, scents, and overall look, of the brand.

I have many ideas for new items, and always welcome suggestions and ideas! I hope that you enjoy using my creations, and look forward to building my brand, in the future, and hopefully becoming a successful line!